Buy Pearl vodka online

Buy Pearl vodka online

Buy Buy Pearl vodka online Online

Pearl vodkaCountry of origin: Canada
Distilled from: Wheat
Distillation: 5 times, six times filtered
Flavor profile: ultimate in smoothness and taste

About Pearl vodka

Behind the incredibly smooth taste of Pearl Vodka is a dedication to craftsmanship and superior ingredients unequaled by any other spirit.

Made from hand-selected soft winter wheat and crystal clean Canadian Rocky Mountain water, Pearl Vodka is expertly crafted in micro-batches, distilled five times and filtered six times to ensure the ultimate in smoothness and taste.

Rely on Pearl Vodkas to stir up your choices for upcoming Holiday reporting. The trio of Pearl Vodkas includes: The first pomegranate flavored vodka, Pearl Pomegranate; Pearl Coconut-flavored Vodka and the original, award-winning, Pearl Black.