Blavod black vodka

Blavod black vodka

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Blavod vodkaCountry of origin: England
Distilled from: Grain
Distillation: Triple-distilled, double-filtered
Flavor profile: Extremely smooth BLACK vodka with clean undertones of dark berries and the ever-so-slight hint of cloves and anise.

About Blavod vodka

As vodka goes Blavod is an excellent premium English vodka brand that can be defined on its own without the branding of "The Black Vodka" and can stand against any of the non-colored vodkas on the market. Knowing that the hue is a little off the wall has the tendency to change people's perception of its actual taste. Some people that have tried Blavod in a straight taste test noted a subtle, yet distinct, flavor undertone to Blavod. However when blind folded those same people are usually not able to distinguish between Blavod and a clear vodka of equal quality.

The herbal extract catechu is responsible for the blackish-violet hue of Blavod and although touted as having no significant effect of taste, there is a notable herbal finish that is not found in clear vodkas. Blavod is an extremely smooth vodka with clean undertones of dark berries and the ever-so-slight hint of cloves and anise. This heady spirit emits an intriguing sweet citrus, woody and flowery aroma that can do no more than entice one to have a sip.

One of the best qualities of Blavod is its ability to create wonderful layers in a drink. The Black Widow and October Screwdriver are testaments to the vodka's dexterity to turn a common cocktail into a ghoulishly stylin' libation. For quick Halloween themed cocktails that never fail to be the talk of any gathering have a bottle of Blavod on hand and use it in any vodka drink to create a little extra atmosphere.