Buy Ciroc vodka online

Buy Ciroc vodka online

Buy Buy Ciroc vodka online Online

Ciroc vodkaCountry of origin: France
Distilled from: Grapes
Distillation: 5 times distilled
Flavor profile: Subtle aromatics and smooth

About Cîroc vodka

Cîroc vodka is a brand of distilled beverage manufactured in France. It is claimed by the vodka drink's promoters that it is distinguished by the fact that it is derived from grapes, in contrast to corn, sorghum, rye, wheat, or potatoes that are more commonly used. In France it can be legally considered vodka, but the same cannot be said about the drink in the US.


The grapes used for Cîroc vodka are "snap frost" grapes; Mauzac Blanc from the Gaillac region of France, and Ugni Blanc from the Cognac region. The juice extracted from these grapes is cold fermented.

Although all vodka is distilled, the manufacturers of Cîroc vodka emphasize that theirs is distilled five times. The first four distillations of the Ugni Blanc take place in stainless steel column stills; the Mauzac Blanc grapes are distilled in copper continuous stills. These are distilled as far as 96.5% and 93.5%, then blended together 95% being Ugni Blanc and 5% Mauzac Blanc. The final distillation is performed in a traditional Armagnac style copper pot still.

Earl Little became one of the first African-Americans to promote the brand in the USA during 2003. The brand was introduced to audiences at various nightclubs and venues throughout the USA with popular urban celebrities in cities such as Atlanta and Miami. In 2007, Sean "Diddy" Combs agreed to become a celebrity endorser for the product, and claims on a commercial that it is the official vodka of New Year's Eve. In December of 2007, the commercial for Cîroc had Sean Combs calling Cîroc the "Official Vodka of New Year's."