42 Below vodka

42 Below vodka

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42 Below vodkaCountry of origin: New Zealand
Distilled from: Rye
Distillation: 4 times, charcoal filtered
Flavor profile: Smooth and clear

About 42 Below vodka

42Below is a one of the world's best vodka brands and comes from New Zealand.

For the past couple of hundred years we have been doing our thing at the bottle of the world, growing a bit of food, playing a bit of rugby and heading down to the beach every weekend for a nice lie down in the sun. It's a great place to live, relax and make some of the world's best vodka.

At 42Below Vodka we know to make great vodka, perfect on its own or in vodka cocktails. Our perfect drink comes from starting with the perfect ingredients. The 42Below brand is lucky enough to have the 42Below spring located just down the road. We draw all our water exclusively from here because for some reason it just tastes better than water from anywhere else. It's this water that is really the secret behind our 42Below Vodka and our South Gin and we had nothing to do with making it so pristine - it's all Uncle Nature's handiwork. Some nights we'll go down there just to fill up the kettle to make a really excellent cup of tea.