Vox vodka

Vox vodka

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Vox vodkaCountry of origin: Holland
Distilled from: Wheat
Distillation: Five times, then filtered
Flavor profile: Flowery and smooth

About Vox vodka

VOX is distilled from 100% wheat, chosen for its mildness and ability to give the vodka a remarkable smoothness. The clarity of VOX is attained by using demineralized water produced through a careful process of reverse osmosis to remove all traces of color and odor.

Vox vodka drink is imported from the Netherlands, a country with more than 400 years of vodka-making experience. Vox is created from meticulously selected grains of the highest quality, then distilled five times. This exacting, time honored process ensures an exceptionally smooth taste, clean finish, and vibrant clarity by which all other vodka brands should be judged. Vox vodka, the voice of perfection.