Luksusowa vodka

Luksusowa vodka

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Luksosova vodkaCountry of origin: Poland
Distilled from: Potato
Distillation: Triple-distilled through charcoal and oak chips
Flavor profile: The best tasting smoothest vodka

About Luksusowa vodka

Poland's richly fertile soil yields some of the finest potatoes in the world. And in the early 17th century Poland turned to its bountiful potato crop to produce the best-tasting, smoothest and richest vodka of all. By the 18th century the wealthier noble families of Poland regarded their potato vodka, Luksusova (meaning luxury), in the same manner that the French regard a great Burgundy. But it was the Potockis, the most prominent family in the vodka trade, who actually began producing Luksusova vodka commercially.

Today's Polish vodka is exported under the auspices of Polmos Poznan which guarantees the excellent quality of Polish alcoholic beverages. The end result is the highest quality vodka available anywhere in the world. But perhaps the highest compliment of all comes from master Pablo Picasso. When asked what astonished him most over the past half century, he answered: "The three most astonishing things in the past half century were: the blues, cubism, and Polish vodka."