Sobieski vodka

Sobieski vodka

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Sobieski vodkaCountry of origin: Poland
Distilled from: Rye
Distillation: Continuously distilled
Flavor profile: One of the purest and smoothest vodkas

About Sobieski vodka

Vodka made from grapes? A bottle from the hottest designer? A race to distill one more, two more, five more times than the next guy? A hefty price tag that magically transforms so-so vodka into something more, well, special? Are these things that make vodka truly superior? We beg to differ.

Sobieski Vodka has an exceptional story that doesn't need all the gimmicks. It begins in Poland's rich Mazowse fields where the golden Dankowski Rye is harvested. This grain has been recognized for centuries for its distinctive character. Our crystalline water from Oligocene springs contributes to the silky finish of this noble spirit. It is then continuously distilled, creating one of the purest and smoothest vodkas in the world. Sobieski Vodka represents a careful blend of authenticity and modernity that enables us to meet the strict requirements of the Polish Product Origin Control System. In other words, making vodka in Poland, of Poland, is what's required to call Sobieski true Polish Vodka. Or as you'd say it in Gdansk, Wódka Polska.

And while we feel your choice in vodka should be based on trying it and liking it, not someone else's opinion, we will offer that Sobieski received a Gold Medal, 95-point "Exceptional" rating, and "Best Buy" award by the Beverage Testing Institute. Incidentally, that's the same point rating awarded years ago to another vodka brand that loves to suggest it's the best tasting vodka in the world.